best POS software in bangladesh

as a retail business owner you have to Face a lot of challenges to make your decision in business proper operation.

Best POS Software in Bangladesh for Retail Business

What Is the Solutions?

Metrosoft point of sales is the best solution for your business in online offline and multipurpose business policies like any kinds of retail trade of Bangladesh or any countries.

Metrosoft software is very cost effective.
One time payment software or multiple time payment software.

It’s working with Windows XP to windows 11 any version of Windows .

This software have 400 plus feature

Metrosoft Software design is highly carefully optimized for user experience .

Specialties of this software is working with very excellent system .

It’s an ERP software only for Windows and it’s very reliable software near me

Point Of Sale POS Software In Bangladesh

Best point of sales POS software in BD

Metrosoft software we provide free tutorial,

free jobs and this software make billing by your own company name.

all features are very carefully optimise

easy to use in your PC or laptop

Price and Specialist for Buy Metrosoft POS Software

We’re providing this software with your business type and requirement.

for that reasons price will be very minimize

for your business and policy.

We have 500 plus business reports and unlimited users with unlimited company and database

Point of sale inventory management software.

Feel Free To Call Us For this Software Phone Number: +8801918338822

our sales after service is very easy and effective you just click on a button and we will contract with you and solve your problem and give you the perfect solution at the right time as earliest possible.